How We Became Dependent Upon Fossil Fuels

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Every nation all over the world is dependent upon fossil fuels. Whether it is a dependence on the oil and gas that make cars run or for coal that helps keep trains running or heat up a house; the world needs fossil fuels. It’s hard to even think of a time when fossil fuels weren’t so in bedded into our daily lives. It might be hard to think of but those times did exist.

Before the discovery of fossil fuels, humans depended upon other natural energies to help with their daily needs. Fire and wood were used to heat up houses. Animal lard was used as a form of oil to keep lamps burning through the evening. All of these items came from nature and were not a form of fossil fuels. If you had asked anyone about fossil fuels they wouldn’t even know what you were talking about. They didn’t exist.

While most of the world was relying upon natural means to survive throughout the day; fossil fuels were being created right under their feet. Many levels below the earth’s surface fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal were being created and lying in wait to be discovered. As technology advanced the ability to search below the Earth’s surface came about. Drills, mines and large digging equipment were invented and started a craze to see what could be discovered. Through the use of these types of equipment people were able to discover oil, gas and coal.

Once these fuels were discovered, scientists jumped on the opportunity to see what could be done with these substances. These scientists discovered that they could burn these substances and create a means to power things such as trains, planes or cars. These substances could even be burned to create energy that would heat a house. Since this type of energy made life simpler for people, we steadily began to become more dependent on fossil fuels.

While humans weren’t always dependent upon fossil fuels, we slowly started to develop a dependence and we have become the fuel dependent society we are today.

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