Are We Dependent on Fossil Fuels?

Everywhere we turn we hear about going green or lessening our dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Many of us go along with the suggested changes such as taking public transit or turning to hybrid cars without much thought behind our need for oils and gas and where they come from. So what are we really dependent upon fossil fuels or is this all just some hype to get people to turn to other energy means? Let’s let the facts help you decide if we are dependent upon fossil fuels.

Over 30 years ago fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal only made up about 75% of the world’s source of energy. A current look into how much fossil fuel the world uses has estimated that it is over 90% of the world’s energy source. That is a major increase in the amount of fossil fuels that we use and depend on.

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Why is the amount of fossil fuels usage so high?

Fossil fuels power almost everything in our daily lives. The cars and trucks we drive run on gas. The electronics and power that we use at home comes from the burning of oil to produce energy. There are very few elements of our daily lives that do not rely upon fossil fuels in some way. Even the food we eat relies upon fossil fuels because they were delivered to the store via a truck or car.

Over the years our dependence upon oil, gas or coal has become more and more severe. People are relying more and more upon cars to get around and our lives are becoming more dependent upon electronics, the Internet and other electronic means. Without fossil fuels we would be lost and our daily lives would be disrupted.

Seeing the numbers and the amount of dependence the world has upon fossil fuels, it can be hard to deny that we as humans are dependent on fossil fuels.

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